Paksoy Law Office

Istanbul | 1000 m² | 2007

The law firm office & located in Sun Plaza, the new tower rising at the business district Maslak, is formed by corridors and working areas organized around an all black core area. The all black core area is obtained by the use of black lymra stone which is visually homogenous without bearing any texture. The stone is used as large as possible to minimize sections. The reception area consists of a black rectangular desk backgrounded by the beige limestone wall, two barcelona chairs and the all black core area that dominates the entire floor. In order to gain a dramatic lighting effect, wallwashers are placed around the black core area as well as on to the beige limestone wall. The materials chosen for the specific project are natural stones (black lymra and beige limestone), teak parquet, carpet, customized glass doors with aluminium frames, lacquered lockers, wall coverings and doors, and glass screening panels.

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